Arbat Beer&Grill

Arbat Beer & Grill - restaurant with branded grill, accent on beer and sports spirit.
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About the restaurant

Arbat Beer&Grill

The idea of the restaurant is reflected in its name. Arbat Beer & Grill is a unique place in the center of Moscow. The concept is based on three main components:

author's kitchen with an open grill, more than 120 types of beer and sports broadcasts accompanied by the most famous commentators.


The kitchen specializes on meat and fish dishes on the author's grill. In the menu

you can find a variety of birds, beef, veal and fish - steaks, burgers, tartare. Farm products are widely used as main ingredients. Famous Russian chef Danila Rukin is responsible for the quality of dishes. He stood at the origins of such projects as Mikoyan, Dr. Zhivago, a chain of restaurants "Etazhi". Also he participated in the launch of the Olympic facilities and managed the largest fast food in Europe. Openness and transparency of the kitchen are the main features of the restaurant. In the hands of skilful chefs fresh meat cuts turn into gastronomic masterpieces. The chef of the international steakhouse Nusr-Et, Ali Chetenkaya, participated in the development of the meat menu. Crazy experiments with meat that successfully embodied in Dubai are ready to surprise the Moscow audience.



A special feature of the interior is its impressive bar counter. In addition to the meat cuisine, the beer sommelier offer guests a huge selection of beers that can be tasted before ordering. From ale with a rich caramel flavor to a golden lager and craft variations. A rich collection of wines and cocktails will surprise even sophisticated gourmets.

The interior of the restaurant was worked by the Sundukovy Sisters. Throughout the hall space there are details that you want to consider: a lot of bright lamps, a futuristic ceiling, living plants and original designs resembling a soccer ball. On the perimeter of the space there are shelves filled with wine bottles. The corner zone is the main interior accent, where  the meat cuts lie under the light of the soffits.

During key sports matches - the restaurant turns into a mecca for sports fans. Huge plasma screens transmit the atmosphere of competitions. Moreover the most famous commentators are sitting next to you and commenting every dangerous moment.


Stars, cover bands, famous DJs will appear on the restaurant's stage on the weekend and create the atmosphere of fashionable hangouts in the center of the capital.


New Arbat street, 21


Arbat Beer&Grill

7 (499) 400-37-67

New Arbat street, 21

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